Jamie Carreiro
MNDR - Feed Me Diamonds (Featuring Raven) (Official Video)


This video documents the process of David Petruschin’s transformation into the drag queen Raven (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, Rupaul’s Drag Race Allstars), featuring shots of David and Raven in various stages of transformation. Footage switches back and forth between moments of costuming and make up application backstage and on-stage lip-synch performance, creating nonlinear shifts of time suggestive of a memory or dream space. “Feed Me Diamonds” explores and exposes the construct of gender, highlighting how it is created by various elements of performance: what we wear, how we move, and even how we think and relate to others. 

The video culminates in a dramatic drag performance filmed at a club in New York City. Raven gives a riveting lip-synch performance of MNDR’s “Feed Me Diamonds” to an enraptured crowd.