Jamie Carreiro


Agency: PARTY

Client: Bark & Co.

Barkshop Live is the world's first retail store where dogs do the shopping. Working with dog retailer Bark & Co, we created a way for dogs to choose their favorite products without any human interaction.
The idea came to life as a week-long pop-up shop called “BarkShop Live” in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. The owners buy tickets and schedule appointments for their dogs. At the store, the dogs will put on a special vest with RFID readers. Dogs then enter and play around with the various products, which are embedded with RFID tags that allow the system to recognize which toys they're most interested in. This result is captured in real-time on an app and fed to a live projection on the wall. As they exit the playground, owners can order the goods through the app, which will be delivered directly to their homes.