Jamie Carreiro


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Client: Adcolor

The annual Adcolor Conference and Awards is not only a forum for the recognition of people of color in the ad industry, but also a moment for building connections between these people. Adcolor wanted to create a fun way for ambitious young people to connect with powerful, experienced professionals. In 2012 the awards were being held in Las Vegas, so we built the Adcolor Slot Machine. Instead of winning money, players are given the chance to win a private breakfast meeting with one of an impressive roster of high-level professionals attending the conference. The fully customized machine was built using the chassis of a real Vegas-style slot machine, refurbished to include a digital display, backlit Adcolor graphics, a handmade message ticker controlling 576 LEDs and custom game software. The images on the wheels of the slot machine are the faces of the conference attendees -- match all three and you meet that person. Each player had the chance to see themselves in the machine as well as the faces of the prize-people they might meet.