Jamie Carreiro
Psychobuildings "Wonderchamber" - Official Video


Psychobuildings frontman Peter LaBier's stage presence is defined by his unique dancing style. For the music video for his song "Wonderchamber," we wanted to emphasize and explore the movement of his dancing body. Using a kaleidoscopic compositing technique, we turned raw footage shot in his art studio into swirling biological choreography. The video premiered on Vice.com, who paid us the following compliment: "...our primary reason for wanting to premiere their new video for "Wonderchamber" is because we were really happy about all the body rolls and other various dance movements that happen in it. Dancing. You know? Just move your body around. Go nuts.".

Psychobuildings "Wonderchamber" from Psychobuildings "Hearts" EP (WonderSound Records 2012) / Starring Peter LaBier / Directed and produced by Jamie Carreiro